Bass of the Week: Nordstrand NX5

Nordstrand NX5 Bolt-On Bass

I’ll admit it – I’m a sucker for boutique top woods. That’s why I had to do a double take when I saw Nordstrand’s first NX5 Bolt-on bass guitar. Its spalted maple top and matching headstock have a gorgeous textural look with striking light and dark contrasts thanks to the spalting, which is naturally created in wood by fungi.

Equally eye-catching is the birdseye maple fingerboard and abalone block inlays, which is then complimented with matching pickup covers. The neck is a 3-piece maple laminate. In fact, the only wood that isn’t maple is the body, which is a striking piece of Ash.

Not surprisingly, Nordstrand stocks their basses with their own pickups. In this case, it’s a pair of FatStacks. The bridge and tuners are by Hipshot.

What do you say? What’s your favorite top wood? Tell us about it in the comments.

Nordstrand NX5 Bolt-on Bass Photo Gallery:

Nordstrand NX5 Bolt-on Bass Specs:

  • Construction: Bolt-on
  • Scale: 34.5?
  • Body: Ash
  • Top: Spalted Maple
  • Neck: 3-Piece Maple
  • Fingerboard: Birdsesye Maple
  • Inlays: Abalone Block
  • Finish: Satin Urethane
  • Pickups: Nordstrand FatStacks
  • Bridge: Hipshot
  • Tuners: Hipshot

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Share your thoughts

  1. I’va actually got one of these on order… with a camphor burl top. I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Dare I ask how much? My Dad always says, if you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it.
    Since I already know I can’t afford it, I figure there’s no harm in asking.

  3. That Nordstrand bass is a beauty! It would be such a hit if the top wood was Claro Walnut!

  4. Carey Nordstrand is the best! I’ve had one of his basses for 8 years and it is great! I’ve used on hundreds of sessions and always everyone ask me what Bass I’m using, Keep up the great work Carey!

  5. I prefer Maccassar, it’s what I have on my Sandberg, but awesome non the less!
    I must ask how much is one of these babies? I mean, I must know if it’s within reach or far beyond my economal boundries :)

  6. Great stuff and I hear he is a really nice guy to deal with. Win Win

  7. Carey’s work is second to none. Superb craftsmanship and a wonderful person! I have the second instrument he built and every player that hears it wants one! It’s an awesome instrument, and I am reminded daily of how much I appreciate Carey.

  8. This bass looks beautiful but it’s hard to me to justify a bass with a bolt-on neck that’s over $3000.

  9. Ahhhhh… it just feels great to see my Nordstrand NX5 nominated BASS OF THE WEEK!

  10. Carey makes nice basses and awesome pickups. I’ve got a set of the Fatstacks and they are so cool for switching between humbucker and single coils, right now favoring the single coil modes. So much incredible design work goes into a nice bass like this.