Jayme Lewis Band: Sedagive

Here’s another one of those “make-sure-you’re-sitting-down” videos. Bassist and band leader Jayme Lewis takes us on a musical trip starting with some blazing unison melodies and a ridiculous solo spot before mellowing things out texturally, only to return to the face-melting licks.

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  1. Way to go Jayme – what a burning tune!

  2. All I can say is… WOW!

    • I will raise you 2 WOW’s. First time I have seen a capo used on a bass.

    • I was wondering about that capo. These guys kick butt, but I’ve never seen a professional use a capo. To me, it is a crutch. .

    • Hey thanks Dave, I appreciate the kind words! And it’s actually not a capo, it’s called a FretWrap. It’s a string dampener, like the Victor Wooten hair tie, made by GruvGear.

    • Thank you, Jayme. You guys are like a cat crouched, ready to pounce on the mouse. You’re on top of it. Best to you. .

    • Hey gents thats not a capo but a band that absorbs background string noise… (Check out vic wooten) Thanks for the laugh though!!!

  3. Oh, well, back to the woodshed. >: (

  4. wowzers… holy technique!

  5. Pros: superb musicianship!
    Cons: 70’s style fusion is still appreciated by a small handful, VERY SMALL!!!!!!

  6. Damn Jayme, that’s killer!

  7. really impressive Jayme, could you give us a tab of the head?

  8. Yea man……nice! Where can I locate your material? I need this to feed my soul!

  9. I’m a nobody but that was incredible. GREAT stuff! Awesome tone sir! What type of pedals were you using?

  10. GIVE HIM A SEDAGIVE! Am I the only one that saw the title of this tune and died laughing? Young Frankenstein?

  11. WoW! (O.o) Jayme, you and your mates are top notch on this tune. That was impressive from start to finish. That bass is killer. It’s performances like this that reinvigorate my love for music.

  12. Absolutely killer!

  13. Ok, I have gear for sale now……….hate you Jayme…….hate you…..lol!

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever been as inspired as I am right now. Jayme, you have another huge fan in me.

  15. Awesome technique and chops. The fast stuff is really clean.

  16. where are my socks?, i had em when I started this track, awesome chops.

  17. z’all right I guess…….:-)…… my computer’s CPU and my ears are on fire… nice stuff!

  18. Awesome track! What are those black straps that you slide down the neck of the guitar?

  19. If Dream Theater went funky, it would sound like this.

  20. great chops… sounds like they’ve been listening to Alain Caron and UZEB for a while.

  21. I lost my feel and taste for music for a long time, but after hearing your band it’s given me a jolt………I got the feeling…….and I need the music back in my life and soul…..

  22. Zaire

    Jayme, this track is phenomenal. I’ll be studying much harder for now on! Superb musicianship.

  23. Mick Talattad

    Awesome! Hey Jayme, could you give us a low down on your pedals. I especially like your sound on the rock part. :)

  24. OHMYGOD! A technically brilliant bass player who DOESN’T play absolute soulless rubbish. DOUBLE WOW!