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Jayme Lewis Archives


Solo Bass Night Series Launching This November

Ariane Cap and Josh Cohen have teamed up to create Solo Bass Night, a performance series that features and promotes solo bass music. The concerts have their roots from an event nearly 15 years ago.

Bass Videos

GuitCon 2018: Billie Jean (with 8 Bass Players)

Dmitry Lisenko shared this video from GuitCon 2018, and it is our kind of video. Eight bass players got together to pull off an all-bass arrangement of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” The line up includes Lisenko, Ove Bosch, Nathan Navarro, Jonathan Munnier, Nick Schendzielos, Chris Rodriguez, Adam Neely, and Jayme Lewis.

Bass Videos

Jayme Lewis: This Christmas

Jayme Lewis knows how to celebrate the holidays with some killer cover songs. After tackling “Thriller” for Halloween, the bassist is back with his band and a funky rendition of Donny Hathaway’s classic “This Christmas.” “Merry Christmas! 2017 was a stellar year here at and I hope it was full of joy and blessings for you and yours!” Lewis...

Bass Videos

Jayme Lewis: Thriller

We’re gearing up for Halloween, bass style.’s Jayme Lewis is serious about Halloween. So serious that he remade Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”: music video and all. Lewis lays down the iconic bass line while adding tasty fills for his own flair. He’s joined by Ryan Clouse, Brandon Leslie, and Jason Lewis, who has a bone to pick with the bassist....

Accessories & Strings

Jayme Lewis: The Bassist Powerglove

Bassists have been looking for that special piece of gear to help their playing ever since the bass guitar was invented. After a decade of R&D, Jayme Lewis has finally created the solution. Check out this awesome demo of the Bassist Powerglove:

Bass Videos

BassTheWorld: 21 Bassists in 1 Video has followed up their “Got Bass Chops?” video with a second episode. This time, 21 bassists from around the world lay out the nastiest licks, funkiest grooves, and smoothest lines to show the scope of our beloved instrument. The bassists in order of appearance are Hadrien Feraud, Jay-Tee Teterissa, Bruno Tauzin, Andy C. Saxton, Evan Marien, Adam Ben Ezra,...

Bass Videos

Jayme Lewis: Modulating Sweep Arpeggios and Inversions Lesson

Here’s a cool lesson for the adventurous bassist: Jayme Lewis’s lesson on performing sweep arpeggios and inversions. Jayme walks through his effects to make the arpeggios pop before dissecting each part of the etude’s intricacies. He even provides a PDF of the lesson with music notation and TAB, via his website.

Bass Videos

Jayme Lewis Band: Abby Someone

We recently shared a video from the archives by Jayme Lewis and his band, and it knocked everyone out. Here’s Jayme’s band in a more recent video, performing the tune “Abby Someone” and once again delivering the goods. The tune is on the band’s release, When Will Then Be Now.

New Albums

Jayme Lewis Releases Christmas EP

The holidays will be getting a little funkier with the release of Merry Christmas from the Jayme Lewis Band. The four-song EP is the bassist’s offering to spread a little cheer. “We through this fun little project together for you to enjoy this holiday season!” Lewis wrote. “We hope you like these classic Christmas tunes that we took a few...

New School

New School: Jayme Lewis

With a new album and videos (see below) to accompany its release, Jayme Lewis has been taking the online bass community by storm with his awe-inspiring playing and tight band compositions. Lewis puts the bass out front in all the right ways, letting his equally skilled bandmates take the lead when the time is right. Beginning on piano at age...

New Albums

Jayme Lewis Releases “When Will Then Be Now”

If you caught the video for the tune Sedagive by Jayme Lewis we shared a few days ago, you’ll know that the Los Angeles bassist has a lot to offer. Luckily, Lewis has a new album called When Will Then Be Now, available on iTunes as well as Bandcamp. The six-track jazz/rock record features some heavy duty bass work by...

Bass Videos

Jayme Lewis Band: Sedagive

Here’s another one of those “make-sure-you’re-sitting-down” videos. Bassist and band leader Jayme Lewis takes us on a musical trip starting with some blazing unison melodies and a ridiculous solo spot before mellowing things out texturally, only to return to the face-melting licks.