Nothing but Bass: Nico Abondolo Plays the Octobass

Now this is a bass.

The Octobass is an enormous, three-string instrument that tunes an octave below a standard double bass. It’s so large that the player has to use special keys on its side to change pitches on each string.

The Musical Instrument Museum – which now seems to be the coolest museum ever – lent out their Octobass to Nico Abondolo for a recording session for the soundtrack to the movie The Hunger Games.

As the video description states: “For best results, turn up your subs!”

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  1. I never thought I would say this….. but that is just too much bass.

  2. like alice in wonderland…

  3. The only purpose I can see this thing serving is to create good dinosaur sounds for the movies.

  4. this would sound great if he let the strings ring for a damn second. Let it ring, resonances…..not thumpa thumpa thumpty.

  5. I just love the audacity! And…love those over-head pedals!

  6. This idea come from Bach! really great!

  7. He’s playing the bass solo from the romance of Prokofiev’s Lt. Kije Suite, only 4-5 octaves lower :)

  8. they should work on the pressing down of the strings… it sounds like it’s not fully closing down on the string and buzzing.

  9. And now I would like to hear ”Smoke On The Water”!!

  10. Josh Hermann

    Now get Federico to play on the bass to really test it out lol