Schecter Unveils Sean Yseult Signature Casket Bass

Sean Yseult now has her own signature casket bass from Schecter Guitars. The new coffin-shaped axe is based on the bass she designed for White Zombie’s AstroCreep tour in 1994, which led up to the release of AstroCreep: 2000.

Schecter Sean Yseult Signature Casket Bass

The bass features a mahogany body and 3-piece mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard. Inlays on the fretboard are mother of pearl stars with a star and dagger inlay at the 12th fret. The body is also embellished with gothic metal plates at the bridge and below the fretboard.

It’s stocked with a pair of EMG 35P4 pickups with separate volume controls. Hardware includes Grover mini tuners and Schecter’s custom bridge that allows for thru-body or top load stringing.

The Schecter Sean Yseult Casket Bass will be available in October, carrying an MSRP of $1,069. For more info, check out the Schecter Guitars website.

Schecter Sean Yseult Signature Casket Bass Photo Gallery:

Schecter Sean Yseult Signature Casket Bass Specs:

  • Construction: Set Neck
  • Available Bodies: Mahogany
  • Neck: 3-pc Mahogany
  • Finger Board: Ebony
  • Frets: 21 Medium
  • Inlay: MOP Stars and Star & Dagger at 12th fret
  • Bindings: Black (fingerboard)
  • Tuners: Grover Bass
  • Pickups: EMG 35P4
  • Electronics: Volume/Volume
  • Available Bridges: Schecter Custom String-Thru Body or Top Load
  • Scale: 34?
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Available Colors: Black (BLK)
  • Available Lefty: No

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  1. That is so aesthetically displeasing…horrible.

  2. That is so aesthetically displeasing…horrible.

  3. I concur. Don’t see too many of these flying off the shelf.

  4. Not a casket, it’s a coffin. If Schecter calls it the casket bass, they are retarded, because caskets only have 4 sides, not six. Coffins are the ones with six sides, not caskets.

  5. That is plain ugly. Its worse than ugly.

  6. My ass actually hurts after seeing that bass.

  7. Not my thing… finish and decorations look nice though, I would include them on a more classical looking, double cut bass.

  8. I guess that’s kinda metal?

  9. Does it come with a coffin case too?

  10. I wouldn’t mind it for $300 or under, just for a fun novelty bass (Gene Simmons Axe, etc), but the price is just ridiculous. Schecter’s bass department must be high.

  11. didn’t epiphone do this already with Zakk Wylde? Didn’t Sean Yseult stop being relevant in 1997?

  12. man what an ugly overpriced piece of shit.

  13. I’ve done shits that have been better looking than this thing. For $1000 I’d expect Sean Yseult to come and suck me off every time I played it.

  14. David J had one like this in the 80’s..Almost won on ebay! You don’t want to play sitting down. lol

  15. would fit into my coffin case :)

  16. What can I say?.. I like it!. At least it’s unique!.. It beats the signature models which may only have a different set of pickups, or the artists name on the headstock/12th fret!..Which also retail for over a grand.

    • Actually…Its a great Victorian gothic vibe to it. The metal plates add to the aesthetic, while the head stock is a clever adaptation of the schecter fleur-de-lys motif. Piano gloss finish and silver mouldings around the body add to the allure.

      Looking at the build spec: good tonewood mahogany and ebony fretboard with MOP inlays (a nice high end touch) powerful pickups. I’m guessing the overall tone is like an SG bass but less muddy as the neck pickup is not placed right at the end of the fretboard.

      Why no tone knobs (you only get two volume) but you have a tone knobs on your bass amp – in practice once you get a good blend of the two pickups maybe you will not miss the tone knob not being on the guitar?

      Re playing sitting down, possible if you have the guitar strap at the right length but you are mostly likely to be standing up with this bass! Not for everyone but if you are looking for a change to the run of the mill J or P bass styles then worth considering. Yes, the bass has its own casket case you can order.

      Unlike a lot of artist models this can be ordered in right or left handed. Schecter have missed an opportunity to let people hear the actual tone of this bass, as Youtube only offers you listening to the bass as part of other tracks (pity) FYI I will be ordering this one in on approval to check out at my music store, then I can decide to buy or not..