Duran Duran’s John Taylor Autobiography Set For October Release

John Taylor's Autobiography: In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death, and Duran DuranDuran Duran co-founder and bassist John Taylor’s autobiography entitled In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death, and Duran Duran will be hitting North American shelves October 16th via Penguin Publishing’s Dutton imprint. The memoir covers Taylor’s whole life and will include over a hundred photos spanning from his childhood through the present.

“This book recounts the million tiny seductions that are required to make the journey from English suburbia to selling out Madison Square Garden – seductions that go by a hundred different names; family, friendship, romances, collaborations and strategic alliances,” Taylor stated. “Here is my journey and where it took me; into fantastic success, more than a little decadence, darkness, and finally, I like to think, a little enlightenment.”

The book will be available in hardcover, eBook, limited edition signed audiobook and downloadable audio formats. For UK readers, the book will be released September 13 with a short signing tour soon thereafter.

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  1. I think his autobiography will be a success because he´s a lot of Duran fans and specially Taylorettes fans… pop star life style is very dangerous by the way I feel happy because he managed to overcome difficulties. I´m very excited to read his book.