Bass Line Construction: Rhythm and Repeating Patterns

Let’s take a look at some of the fundamentals in bass line construction. In this lesson, we’ll improvise on some funk in the key of C.

A quick note and correction: when I say “seventh” in the video, I mean flatted seventh. You’ll see the annotation when that comes up in the video.

Here’s a break down of the notes/intervals I talk about in the lesson:

  • Root: C
  • Octave: still C, but in a higher register
  • Minor third: E?
  • Fourth: F
  • Fifth: G
  • Flatted seventh: B?

This is the minor pentatonic scale: C, E?, F, G, B?

In case you’re curious, the iPad app I’m using for the drum patterns is Funkbox.

Let me know how it goes! Share your thoughts, feedback and questions in the comments.

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  1. Excellent video, sir. You put FUN back into learning the FUNdamentals :)

  2. Lesson learned; Keep it simple. I guess we all knew that but a reminder now and than is more as welcome.

  3. awesome and educational, as always. Thankyou

  4. clear and concise teachings! may I ask what you prefer about the short scale? I love my Mustang too! I actually had a custom pickup installed as well and it sounds great , some say almost like a Rickenbacker..

    • Nice sub sound and very easy to play, you can play these “rubbery” lines. Whick pickup did you install?

    • yes , very easy to play…i’m somewhat of a guitar player….a custom wound / made by a guitar tech named Smitty in Toronto …he used mil/spec wire from California…you can see it in my FB pics…..where are you? keep up the great lessons….KJ

  5. Great, Thanx Marlowe!

  6. Great video, I enjoy listening to great bass lines, and the bass wisdom that players share. Thanks.