Esperanza Spalding with The Roots: Live Performance of Weather Report’s “Predator”

My friend Marsha was telling me about Esperanza Spalding performing a Weather Report tune, where she lays down the bass line while singing the melody.

I couldn’t believe I missed it.

So after searching for a while, I found this (not perfect, but plenty good enough) fan-shot video of Esperanza with The Roots (wow!) performing Weather Report’s “Predator” (holy smokes!)

“Predator”, written by Wayne Shorter, was recorded on Weather Report’s Domino Theory album, with Victor Bailey on bass.

So thanks to Marsha… enjoy this epicness:

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  1. wow, I want to hear the whole album Roots plays standards :)

  2. The groove just flows out of her. What a great bassist.

  3. Corey Brown , you sly devil – you found one that got by me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Crazy about Esperanza’ s playing. Whether upright or electric, she feels music and it oozes out over the instrument. She is a beast!

  5. Esperanza is awesome….also check out Nilson Matta on YouTube.

  6. Cool , it’s 80’s weather report though , not 70’s.

  7. I just Love the way she Plays her BASS! ?

  8. is that the sax player from OAR?

  9. Ryan Brown

    They’re all so good!