Gibson Announces Grabber 3: ’70s Tribute Bass

Gibson first introduced the Grabber bass in the 1970’s, with the company completely redesigning their version of the electric bass following their successful run with the EB series.

Gibson Grabber 3 - Satin Honeyburst finish

Gibson is going back to the Grabber with the introduction of the Grabber 3, a ’70s tribute bass the company says “recaptures the best qualities of the original version, produced from 1973 to 1975, but increases the overall quality and versatility.”

Gibson Grabber 3 - Satin Ebony Black finish

That versatility, they say, comes via a glued-in neck for improved resonance and sustain, and three newly designed Gibson single-coil bass pickups, wired for hum-canceling performance in all positions.

The Grabber 3 is offered in two finishes: grain-textured Satin Ebony Black or Satin Honey Burst finish, both in hand-sprayed nitrocellulose lacquer.

Gibson departed from their traditional tonewoods, opting for solid maple (Grade A beneath the burst finish, Grade C beneath the opaque) for the instrument’s thin body. The body sports a double-cutaway shape with contoured edges that pays homage to the SG, while maintaining is own uniqueness.

The glued-in Grade-A maple neck has a satin natural finished back with a slim, fast profile form measuring .820? at the 1st fret and .920? at the 12th. The fingerboard is baked maple, with reach to the 20th fret, thanks to the cutaways.

The Grabber 3’s “arrowhead” headstock matches the original Grabber, and sports Grover tuners with shamrock-shaped keys.

MSRP for the Grabber 3 is $1,499, for either finish.

Gibson Grabber 3 Bass Features:

  • Solid Maple body with carved double-cutaway shape
  • Grade-A Maple neck with a slim, fast profile
  • Powerful G3 Bass pickups in the neck, middle and bridge positions
  • Three-point adjustable bass bridge
  • Four chunky Grover tuners with Shamrock key tuners

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  1. I’d rather have a Grabber with the movable pick up and well, not a 3 point bridge.
    It’s still tempting though.

  2. was thinking an american series fender pbass but now that i see Gibson bringing back the Grabber, i’d have to reconsider.

  3. Vantage basses should be brought back too since were talkin vintage :)

  4. I own a Grabber G3 with the mapple, 3 mikes, and it has sound… Pffff, directly coming from the 70’s! If this reissue can recapture this unique sound then it is a very good investment if you cannot find an original one!

  5. The only thing I’m not thrilled with is that 3 point bridge. Those have always been an issue.