Bass of the Week: Shuker Singlecut Elite

Shuker Singlecut Elite Bass

The Shuker Singlecut Elite is one beautiful instrument. Built by luthier Jon Shuker in the UK, the bass is highly customizable with options running from number of strings to top wood to construction type.

Standard features include a 7-piece laminated neck made of maple, wenge, and padauk, a walnut body core, and a fingerboard of either Rio Rosewood, ebony, or composite material. Each bass also has a master grade figured top and back with a matching headstock.

The pickups are also up to you, with options by Seymour Duncan, EMG and Bartolini. They’re then matched with either Shuker or EMG 3-band electronics. The hardware consists of Gotoh GB707 tuners, a brass nut, and individual bridge units. For more information, check out Shuker’s website.

Shuker Singlecut Elite Bass Photo Gallery:

Shuker Singlecut Elite Bass Specs:

  • 4-, 5- or 6- String
  • Fretted or Fretless
  • 7 piece Maple / Wenge, paduak laminated neck
  • Master grade figured Top & Back
  • Walnut body core (other woods available)
  • Matching Head Veneer
  • Rio Rosewood / Ebony / Composite Fingerboard
  • 24 Frets
  • 34? / 35? Scale
  • Gotoh GB707 Tuners
  • Brass Nut
  • Two-Way Truss Rod
  • Medium Jumbo Fretwire
  • Mother-of-Pearl Side Dots
  • Individual Bridge Units
  • Black Hardware
  • Seymour Duncan / EMG / Bartolini Pick-ups
  • Shuker / EMG 3-band active circuit

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  1. Thank you for featuring my Shuker 7 string Singlecut. I’ve added some details about it specifically on the No Treble facebook post for your readers. Thanks :) yay!

  2. And thanks for also featuring my Shuker Singlecut 6 Fanned Fret! It’s an incredible bass!

  3. Cool to see Jon’s basses on here. Good that a Mansfield lad gets the worldwide exposure

  4. Dont forget Jons jazz basses.
    I have one fitted with a J – retro and its awesome

  5. Can’t seem to wrap my mind around how a single cutaway works relative to neck angle, I’m hurting my brain…..