Bass of the Week: Shuker Custom Series 2

Shuker Custom Series 2 Bass

This Shuker Custom four-string Series 2 Bass has a lot going on. The first thing that catches your eye is its rusted airbrush finish, which has a matte top coat. Then you’re drawn to the hole in the body that acts as a grip.

Shuker built the bass with a medium 32-inch scale, but the E-string has an extension that allows it to open up to 36 inches. The feature is similar to one found on double basses and the Kubicki Factor bass. Two gates allow you to tune the E down to Eb or D with frets for each note.

The Series 2 is fitted with a Seymour Duncan Musicman pickup in the center of three ramps for electronics. Other features include a Gotoh bridge, Schaller tuners, and Luminlay side markers.

Shuker Bass Guitars Custom Series 2 Bass Specs:

Scale:32″, 36″ E-string Extension
Body:Swamp Ash
Frets:24 Stainless Steel
Inlays:3mm Luminlay Side Markers
Pickup:Seymour Duncan Musicman
Bridge:Gotoh Multi-Tonal
Tuners:Schaller M4 Lite
Other:Triple Ramps, Schaler S Locks

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