Peter Kastner: Nardis

Alistair Lasken sent in this video of Peter Kastner playing a funky version of the jazz standard “Nardis.”

Peter has a simple drum track to accompany him and his Rob Allen MB-2 fretless bass. (Check out our Bass of the Week feature on the MB-2.)

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  1. Your sound is fantastic. What strings do you use?

  2. I played one of those Rob Allen basses at club bass and I’m pretty sure I got an erection. I love those basses. Nicest sounding fretless basses around.

  3. It’s refreshing to see a cat taking an old school approach to solo bass, without a lot of pyrotechnics and looping, etc., just good old groove and strong melodic statements.Excellent.

  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. I absolutely love those basses. Everyone should have one, it would make the world a better place ;-).

  5. Damn I thought it was a short scale (it’s a standard 34″ according to NT press release) how tall are you Peter? By the way very very nice feeling man…

  6. Nice solo man! Sweet as hell bass!

  7. Agreed, nice playing. Sounds like it’s an EQ’ed and processed signal though.. I think you should work on your overtones, so that it comes out more with your sound. Right now most of them sound a little dull/low (perhaps those strings don’t help much in that regard). Otherwise I dig the upright tone and choice of phrasing.

  8. Man That is amazing tone

  9. Hands down one of my all time favorite bass performances.