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Julie Slick Releases “Terroir”

Julie Slick: TerroirTwo years after her self-titled solo debut, Julie Slick has returned with Terroir, which is now available on BandCamp. Full of lush soundscapes, inspired compositions, and incredible bass playing, the 10-song album’s title offers several dimensions to the album’s meaning.

Terroir is a French word, meaning ‘from the earth,’” she explains. “It is used to describe the qualities of a certain land and how it affects the food from that area (typically cheese, coffee, and wine – all things I love dearly). I love to create, and I definitely see the cooking process as an art form: you get inspired, gather your ingredients, prep each element a certain way, and add them to the cooking vessel at different times. You season and taste along the way. Just like making a record!”

Terroir also represents my travels over the past six years, and my growth as a composer in the past two since my solo debut. A few songs feature samples of sounds that inspired me, like Japanese cicadas and wild, screaming children. I’ve also gotten to meet some pretty legendary musicians, and a few of them contributed to the record through dropbox – they’d listen to my demos and record their parts in their respective home studios. It’s a really inspiring way to work – I love these 2012 tools!”

Those legendary musicians include King Crimson alumni Pat Mastelotto and Adrian Belew, both of whom she’s been touring with under the moniker The Crimson Projekct. Other appearances include David Torn, Marco Minnemann, Eric Slick, Robbie “Seahag” Mangano, Rick Musallam, Claire Wadsworth, and more. Though each player brings something different to the table and each track is different, the album seamlessly comes together as a whole.

“I’m a big fan of full-length albums, so I like to write with that grand-scale perspective in mind,” Slick explains. “Each track is pretty different, but I like to think that the record has a nice flow to it, so that by the last note, the listener is satisfied and understanding the piece as a whole. A happy digestion, ha!”

Preview and download Terroir:

Terroir Track List:

  1. 6
  2. Pi
  3. Accidental Incident
  4. Kismet
  5. Quintal
  6. Go!
  7. Minminzemmi
  8. Sirène
  9. Skypark
  10. Even the Tide Recedes

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