Ethan Farmer: Watch

Ethan “EBassMan” Farmer has just released the music video for the song “Watch” from his solo album Wine & Strings.

This song is funky beyond belief.

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  1. Pretty fly for a blond guy!

  2. Diggin’ the “oh so funky” music, the video…Not so much!

  3. Man… LOVE me some E.F! I didn’t really get the video but the track is slamming!

  4. Music FUNKY video…FUNKAY my face is still squinting?

  5. get that funk into my face.

  6. not available in Germany….. FUCK GEMA

  7. His Father: “How many times do I have to say…you are black, you can play bass. Now gimme a damn bass line!”…And then he made this.

  8. Yup, sure it sure is!

  9. Hire the bass player. Fire the videographer.

  10. How does one get to be so funky? Wow!

  11. You face funked us bro. Who ever shot the video needs some help with there skills.