Evan Brewer: Untitled (with some pretty wicked tapping)

Evan Brewer just put out a new video of a song he’s working on for his next solo release. Brewer utilizes a 5-string bass tuned EADGC and plays some some pretty wicked tapping on the untitled track.

In our recent interview, Brewer described his new material as “super erratic,” adding that he was hoping to finish up the material this fall and tentatively release an album early next year. Stay tuned for details.

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  1. Great player, he’s using some sort of repeating effect. However, he’s no Victor.

    • Does that even need to be said? Who is Victor besides Victor?

    • He is IMHO the best living bassist. And a very nice guy to boot!

    • Well considering the fact that he plays in a Death Metal band… Not exactly sure that hes primarily inspired by Victor Wooten.

    • Any tapper/slapper worth his salt must be inspired, to some extent, by Vic.

    • There’s no question about Victor, Tom. But this is a video by Evan. I just don’t understand why that has to be said. A compliment is a compliment… but that was something else.

    • Corey, I said Evan was a great player, but I just wanted to express my opinion on Victor, no disrespect to Evan. It’s just that Victor is my bass totem, and if you put your playing out there, it’s going to be subject to comparison. That’s what we all do.

    • Ha. Well, if that were true, I say we should all have shut our bass cases permanently after Jaco. Why bother? ;)

    • If in you opinion that acknowledging when you play out that we may be subject to comparison to another player, is cause for us all to just close our cases, then Corey, I’m just astounded. I don’t get your issues with my appreciation of Victor Wooten’s talent. Props to your boy Evan.

      • Well Tom, you did kind of present a situation in which every musician should be subject to comparison against the masterclass of their specific instrument, at which point, we would all be intimidated. He’s offering a valid counter argument, if the standard at which to strive for is all the way up to Victor Wooten levels of technique and musicality, then we should have given up after Pastorius. He’s not saying he or anyone else should actually “give up”, it’s just that by the logic of constant comparison, most people wouldn’t be considered half decent in their field and at the end of the day that’s not why we play.

        Your appreciation of Wooten is founded, but for the sake of variety us ignorant bass plebs have to sacrifice that standard or else we’ll be listening to A Show of Hands on a loop for eternity. Not the worst way to spend a lifetime, but you know what I mean.

      • gene

        Last I heard Victor Wooten is friends with and a fan of Evan Brewer. He also studied under Victors brother Regi (the one who came up with the “double thumb”), who he counts as “one of his best friends” (cited from a notreble interview lol)

  2. Was he not a student of Victors brother?

  3. The only thing Brewer and Wooten have in common is that they both play the bass. completely different styles. both great!

  4. he’s really good, but it seems more like exercises the music with good musicality and phrasing.

  5. Jeff Neilson

    Best wishes Evan.
    It’s time.