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Aaron Gibson Releases Debut Album “Becoming Unravelled”

Aaron Gibson: Becoming UnravelledBassist and composer Aaron Gibson has gained the attention of No Treble readers over several months, thanks to his unique videos – cover tunes and originals – to our New School interview.

Aaron has released his solo debut album, Becoming Unravelled, featuring his own compositions, and expanding his music with the support of other musicians. The result is an eclectic mix of genres, ranging from rock to disco and plenty in between.

Aaron says the album’s content, as the title suggests, is about a life undone and falling apart. “It’s not all sad or anything, it’s just born from turmoil. Everyone struggles to find out who they are and what they’ve been through. The songs are about that, but they’re also about landing on your feet”, says Aaron, “I made every effort to remain a decent human being while loosing everything, music is a lifeline when everything else sucks”. One described the album as being “Totally exciting, yet depressing and wonderfully quirky all at the same time”.

Becoming Unravelled is out now in digital formats (iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Bandcamp). Physical copies are available through Aaron’s website.

Preview and download Becoming Unravelled:

Becoming Unravelled Track List:

  1. Halves
  2. Fabled Middle Ground
  3. Wool
  4. Waiting
  5. Up in Tangles
  6. Brighter Days
  7. Lost Myself
  8. Filters
  9. The Song of Woe
  10. Insomnia

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