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Dwarfcraft Introduces The PitchGrinder

Dwarfcraft: The PitchGrinderDwarfcraft has unveiled the PitchGrinder, a new sequenced pitch shifter that will interest fans of exotic effects. The PitchGrinder, which is their first digital pedal, “smashes” your signal down to 8 bits before shifting it anywhere from an octave down to two octaves up.

The onboard sequencer has 8 steps with corresponding knobs to control the amount of pitch shifting for each step. The Length knob adjusts the number of active steps in the sequence, and each step has an LED for visual representation of the pattern.

The Tap switch sets the tempo of your sequence, but can also be depressed to freeze the pattern where it is. Releasing the switch will resume the sequence pattern. If the Length is set to 1, the Tap switch also allows you to cycle to the next stage of shifting. A Glide switch adds portamento between each step so the pitch slides between the shifts.

The Dwarfcraft PitchGrinder will be available soon with a retail price of $350. For more info, check out the Dwarfcraft website.

Dwarfcraft PitchGrinder Specs:

  • 8-step Sequencer Control
  • Adjustable Pattern Length
  • 8-bit Signal
  • Pitch Shifting from -1 to +2 Octaves
  • Glide Switch
  • Tap Tempo