Edmond Gilmore: “Port Of Entry” Weather Report/Jaco Pastorius Play-along

Bassist Edmond Gilmore is a bassist we’ve featured before, and one who loves to take on Jaco Pastorius bass lines and tunes.

Here’s Edmond performing along to the Weather Report tune, “Port of Entry”. Great stuff, as usual.

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  1. Always wante dot learn that solo. One of the best (although I have it on good authority that it was recorded slower and sped up in post). Amazing playing Edmond!

  2. Edmond Gilmore Is a beast!
    I think you are an authority on Jaco tone and technique (not to mention your fretted work) Great job as always.

  3. Wow, killer stuff, Edmond. Well done.

  4. 10 out of 10. That was fan-f’n-tastic! You make it look so easy! (and it’s NOT).

  5. Masterfully done. Bravo!