Radial Engineering Introduces Tossover Variable Frequency Divider

Radial Tossover Variable Frequency DividerRadial Engineering has introduced a new 500 series module called the Tossover. The new pro audio tool allows for dividing frequency bands of a signal to process lows and highs separately or to combine them in series to create a band-pass filter. While there are tons of possibilities for its use, Radial Senior Engineer Dan Fraser gave a couple suggestions in a press release.

“The Tossover is a clever tool that can be used to process high or low frequencies separately so that various effects can be applied to a specific frequency region,” he said. “An example would be applying compression to the bass range of a snare drum while allowing the highs to be fully dynamic. Another could be to adding distortion to the upper registers of a bass while leaving the bottom end unaffected. The options are truly unlimited.”

The Tossover’s front panel features two sets of controls: one for mid and high frequencies and one for separating mid and bass frequencies. Each section then is controlled with a frequency knob and an amplitude knob to adjust the signal level. To intensify the effect, you can choose between 12, 18, or 24 dB per octave slopes with a sliding switch. The two filters can be combined in series via a switch on the front to create a band-pass filter to enhance mid-range.

The Radial Tossover can be used with any 500 series rack via XLR in/out connections, though the company points out that its functionality is enhanced when using the Radial Workhorse as the low-pass filter stem can be directed to the XLR out and the high-pass filter stem can be sent to the Omniport. It is now shipping with an estimated retail price of $400.

Radial Engineering Tossover Variable Frequency Divider Features:

  • 500-series Module
  • High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters
  • Variable Frequency and Amplitude Controls
  • 12, 18, or 24 dB per Octave Slope
  • Bands Can Be Used In Series

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