Radial Engineering Adds Bigshot EFX to ToneBone Series

Radial Engineering Bigshot EFXRadial Engineering has announced the BigShot EFX, a true-bypass dual effects loop. The device lets you set up two separate effects loops to have two distinct and selectable pedal chains. This also helps to reduce tone-robbing and noisy by-products of certain non-true bypass pedals.

Both loops are in series, allowing you to feed loop-A into loop-B for more creative options. The audio path doesn’t require any power to make it work, so the Bigshot EFX can run with or without a power supply. Other features include LED indicators and a rugged chassis.

The Radial Engineering Bigshot EFX is shipping now with a street price of $89.99.

Radial Engineering Bigshot EFX Features:

Dual True-Bypass Effects Loops
Ground Lifts on each Loop
Loop 2 is mutable

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