Radial Engineering Revamps Bigshot i/o

Radial Engineering Bigshot i/o PedalAfter introducing the EFX version earlier this year, Radial is continuing to work on its Bigshot pedal series with a new redesign of the Bigshot i/o. The stompbox is a instrument selector that allows for switching between two basses plugged into the same amp.

Each input can be selected quickly via footswitch. Input 2 is fitted with a level control to pad down a louder instrument, like an active bass, though it has a three-position Bright switch to compensate for cable capacitance with passive instruments. The pedal also has a tuner output with its own mute/tuning footswitch.

The updated Radial Tonebone BigShot i/o is now shipping for $89.99.

Radial Engineering Bigshot i/o Pedal Features:

Toggle between two instruments with a single foot stomp
Adjustable volume control to match instrument levels
Separate tuner output and mute switch with LEDs
Load compensation “bright switch” for long cables

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