Ernie Ball/Music Man Unveils Sledge Basses, Including Sabre Reissue

Ernie Ball/Music Man Unveils Sledge Bass closeup

Ernie Ball/Music Man has unveiled the Sledge basses, a new special offering available through their Premier Dealer Network. Designed in conjunction with Tony Levin, the Music Man Sledge has a custom metallic flake finish that shifts colors depending on your viewing angle.

Offered on Classic Stingray 4 and 5s, the Sledge is also available on the Music Man Sabre bass, which is being offered for the first time in over 20 years. All of the basses feature Birdseye Maple necks with high gloss polyester finishes and choice of maple or rosewood fingerboards.

Ernie Ball/Music Man Unveils Sledge Sabre BassThe Sabre’s neck features include an 11? radius and compensated nut on a Classic style neck and 21 high profile, medium width frets. The pickups are a pair of Alnico humbuckers wired in parallel with a 5-way switch. Electronics include a 2-band EQ and Silent Circuit.

The Music Man Sledge basses come with a certificate signed by Levin. The Classic Stingray 4, Classic Stingray 5, and Sabre have list prices of $2,970, $3,220, and $3,070, respectively. For more info, check out the Music Man website.

Music Man Sledge Bass Specs:

  • Available as Classic Stingray 4, Classic Stingray 5, or Music Man Sabre
  • Custom Metallic Flake Finish
  • Birdseye Maple Neck
  • Maple or Rosewood Fingerboard
  • 21 High Profile, Medium Width Frets
  • Stingray Pickups: Humbucker
  • Sabre Pickups: 2 Alnico Humbuckers Wired in Parallel w/ 5-way Switch
  • 2-Band EQ
  • Black Pickguard
  • Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Tony Levin

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  1. Can the Sabre be compared to a G&L L-2000? Very nice to see them reissue it!

  2. When is Music man going to start making it? I haven’t worked on any at my work yet.

  3. wow 2-band EQ, 5-way, AND contours.

  4. Music Man – Sabre…… wonderfully…

  5. As with the introduction of the Classic Stingray, I feel myself wondering if anything can be left sacred.

  6. Hey EBMM, how about releasing a five sting sabre!

  7. love the ”SABRE”.always wanted one.where can I get one.”NOW”.