Robert Trujillo, Steve Bailey and P-Nut Bass Jam

Here’s a sweet jam from Warwick’s Fuss on the Buss 2012 DVD. Robert Trujillo and Steve Bailey set an interesting groove between Trujillo’s gnarly distorted bass and Bailey’s bell-like tone and lyricism on top.

311’s Aaron “P-Nut” Willis jumps in around the 3-minute mark to add some slap to fill the jam out.

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  1. This was interesting…

  2. Whoa, that’s alotta notes!

  3. Three different approaches all coming together. I fucking love bass!

  4. was that lars ulrich wearing a dressing gown in the mirror reflection?

  5. Now that’s some serious playing right there…. LOVE IT.

  6. Have to pick up the old Warwick more often after hearing this!

  7. own the instrument, its yours, make it sound like you!

  8. More talent in their six little toes than my whole body.

  9. two really outstanding players….. I think we know who they are…… all hail Bailey and P-nut!

  10. Trujillo is a freakin’ machine !!

  11. Dezz

    I always enjoy watching Robert Trujillo play bass but I wonder how soon he will have to vist a chiropractor because he plays it so low, Thanks Robert for being such a loving advocate for Jaco and for producing the Jaco video!

  12. Dave Dickens

    Steve Bailey knows so much about his fretboard that it’ll make your head explode to just listen to him talk. Having him as an instructor is like going into a haunted house where you love being terrified! I’m so happy to have had him as an instructor at Wooten Woods.