Jason Newsted Issues Update on New Band, New Music


Jason Newsted has checked in with a new update since announcing his “return” late last month. According to a new video from his studio, the former Metallica bassist has formed a new heavy metal band called Newsted.

“I’m singing lead vocals and playing bass again,” he shared. “We’re busy working on our second batch of new songs that we’ll be sharing with you soon, but our first batch of songs is ready to go.”

He went on to say he won’t be issuing a press release, but instead asks fans to sign up for a mailing list for upcoming new songs. The clip ends with a teaser of a new song, which one commenter said sounds like “a Motorhead/Metallica/Testament mix.”

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  1. Already saw this , but thanks… Newsted Rocks

  2. He’s a lunatic, but ya’ gotta love him.