Nothing But Bass: 90 Kontrabass Orchestra

Szoke Richard shared this video, saying “no treble at all”.


And we love it.

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  1. umm, there was a triangle in it. and I’m pretty sure that registers in the soprano range, or higher!

  2. Bass, Bässe, Besser….

  3. The conductor looks like, “OMG, what am I about to do here. Release the Kraken.”

  4. que du bonheur! encore

  5. Bravi tutti ma specialmente Michi!!!!

  6. that bass guy

    Having played a concert one time with around 30 string basses, every time I watch this video two thoughts occur to me. 1) How long did it take for 90 basses to get on stage and 2) What kind of permanent damage did that much low frequency do to the building. You know that stage had to be buzzing with all kind of sympathetic vibrations.

  7. Very well done! Very musical and playing level is exceptional. Good choice of tunes. Bravo to all! Barry Greeb

  8. matymus

    If I close my eyes, I swear this is an acoustic Hans Zimmer soundtrack….awesome!!

  9. Hooray! All the organization and logistics support to assemble a great group, rehearse and program a great arrangement was wonderful to hear! Thank you.