Traynor Unveils Small Block Bass Combo Amplifiers

Traynor Small Block Bass AmpsTraynor has introduced the Small Block Series, a line of compact, lightweight 200-watt bass combos. Available in 1×10, 1×12, and 1×15 speaker configurations, Traynor says the the new models are ideal for the working/practicing musician with features like a 1/4” auxiliary input, 1/4” headphone output, and an XLR balanced DI output with switchable pre and post settings.

Each of the combos has active and passive inputs and have a 4-band EQ with a low frequency expander for dialing in your tone. They are built with an all metal chassis and solid plywood cabinet construction.

Made in Canada, the Traynor Small Block SB110, SB112, and SB115 combos will be available with MSRPs of $569, $629, and $699, respectively. For more info, check out the Traynor Amps website.

Traynor Small Block Bass Amp Features:

  • 200-watts
  • 1×10, 1×12, 1×15 Configurations
  • 4-band EQ w/ Low Frequency Expander
  • Active and Passive Instrument Level Inputs
  • XLR Balanced D.I Output Switchable Pre / Post
  • ¼-inch Headphone Output
  • ¼-inch Auxiliary Input
  • All Metal Chassis
  • Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction
  • Made in Canada

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  1. Have you ever run into an inexpensive tube combo amp for bass? Kinda would like it for recording reasons- just curious, I’ve never seem to run across one!

  2. I’ve been using the older bloc 80b amps for a couple of years you can get them fairly cheaply and are great for small to medium size gigs.

  3. I’ve had an old Bloc40b for years. I upgraded the transformer kicking it up to Bloc 80b specs and upgraded the speaker. Amazing for such a small amp.