Dropkick Murphys Release “Signed and Sealed in Blood”

Dropkick Murphys: Signed and Sealed in BloodThe Dropkick Murphys are kicking off the new year with a new album. Signed and Sealed in Blood is the eighth full-length studio album by the Irish-influenced punk rock band.

This time though, the band wanted to do something different than the 2011 release Going Out in Style, which was a concept album.

“This is just the opposite of [our previous album],” bassist Ken Casey said. “Just us having fun and making the most catchy, singalong kind of songs we can. It’s not that the last album wasn’t fun. It was. Going Out in Style is one of the records I’m most proud of, of anything we’ve done. But it gave me a couple migraines along the way, getting through that because everything was so connected. This time we cut loose.”

The album’s title comes from the lyrics of its first single, “Rose Tattoo,” for which the band made a music video:

Signed and Sealed in Blood is available now on CD, vinyl and in digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Preview and download Signed and Sealed in Blood:

Signed and Sealed in Blood Track List:

  1. The Boys Are Back
  2. Prisoner’s Song
  3. Rose Tattoo
  4. Burn
  5. Jimmy Collins’ Wake
  6. The Season’s Upon Us
  7. The Battle Rages On
  8. Don’t Tear Us Apart
  9. My Hero
  10. Out On The Town
  11. Out Of Our Heads
  12. End of The Night

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  1. always a consistent band. Ken Casey killing the low end.