Tower of Power: “What Is Hip?” at 2013 NAMM Show

Tower of Power rocked the 2013 NAMM Show with an incredible performance on Thursday, January 24th.

It was so good to see Rocco Prestia moving and grooving with the band, which was tight, tight, tight.

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  1. Love Dave and Rocco, cell phone sure have come a long way haven’t they?

  2. seen them several times and they only seem to get better each time…funk!

  3. look at those soulless people in the audience, they should be grooving”.

  4. Some of the best musicians in the world. Hard to understand why there are so few of this breed of band.

  5. Love them…been a fan since 72. East Bay Grease!

  6. I was at that show right up front and I WAS grooving. ;<)
    They were amazing.