Blast Cult Enters the Electric Bass Market with the Thirty 2 Bass

Blast Cult Thirty 2 Bass

Blast Cult announced a new electric bass model late last year, but the details were still being worked out, into 2013.

Now we know a whole lot more.

The aptly named “Thirty 2” is a 32? inch scale bass, and the first electric made by the company. Blast Cult is offering lots of options for this bass, including standard and deluxe colors, fretted or fretless and some choice of woods and hardware.

Standard colors include Black, Antique white and Blond w/Black Neck. Deluxe colors include Omen Green Pearl, Copper Pearl, Three color burst and Piano Black. The Thirty 2 sports a Louisiana Cypress body and a maple neck with a swamp skunk fingerboard and jumbo frets.

Hardware includes a Hipshot bridge, Hipshot ultra light tuners, Graph Tech tusq bass nut and a coined Blast Cult logo on the neck pocket.

The pickup is Blast Cult’s active upright bass model, made by EMG.

Pricing for the bass starts at $2,500 for the Standard configuration. The Deluxe/Pearl option is $2,600, the Three Color Burst is $2,750 and the Piano Black bass is $3,000.

Blast Cult Thirty 2 Photo Gallery:

Blast Cult Thirty 2 Specs & Options:

32″ inch scale
Louisiana Cypress body
Maple neck
Blast Cult swamp skunk fingerboard
Hipshot bridge
Hipshot ultra light tuners
Blast Cult active upright bass pick-up by EMG
Vintage jumbo frets
9.5 fingerboard radius
Graph Tech tusq bass nut 1.62″ width
Coined Blast Cult logo on neck pocket
41½″ complete length
Made in the U.S.A.


Available fretted or fretless
Ebony fingerboard
Mahogany body
Special colors, Custom Wood and commissioned instruments available
Candy Flake
Zebra wood/Exotic wood

For more information:
Blast Cult

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  1. Ugly, short scale £300 for a tremolo, no thanks.

  2. I like the design a lot, and the scale length for old bastards is a big help. However, the price is no help at all.

  3. expensive! any sound samples? couldn’t find anything on their site.

  4. I’d be interested in seeing what the “piano black” finish looks like, seeing as how it costs quite a bit more than the regular gloss finishes.

  5. I suppose that there’s some rich idiots out there who like to pay four or five times what an instrument is actually worth just for the bragging rights, but I’m not among them.

  6. Way too expensive, and not my thing either, in any way whatsoever.

  7. this looks like a bass you could make some filthy sounds with… Loving the 32 inch scale aspect, and I bet it sounds amazing with pedals! will have to try and check one out sooner rather than later. As to the price comments… really? just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s over priced. It seems everyone who commented on it hasn’t played it yet, so why bother saying it’s not happening for that price? it might be the best thing you ever played!

    • It’s pretty, I like it well enough, but it’s still overpriced. A couple hundred bucks worth of wood and hardware, and an hour or three of CNC/assembly time does not equal $2500. What ‘the market will bear’ is not necessarily a fair price. . .

    • Janek, you might be right, however I have never been into these kind of basses, and especially this one for three main reasons: I don’t like the design, short scale basses are not my thing, and the pickup configuration doesn’t suit my needs. For the price of this bass I could get something that to my personal tastes would be a whole lot prettier, with a 34 – 35″ scale, active electronics, more versatile sound, more strings and frets… maybe in the end it all comes down to preferences, but IMO you can get for that price a hell of a bass, more versatile and that actually looks like it’s worth that price.

    • obviously this is not a versatile bass it is more like a surf bass or for rockabilly styles and stuff like that; the pickups looks amazing with that metal rings, the tremolo looks amazing too, and the details are perfect look at that headstock damn… it looks like a dream, 32″ super nice for those fast riffs and solos, the bass seems to be well priced to me you can not get very good basses in a lower range not with that details. every instrument is a different tool and they must be amazing, like your ability to use it. nice bass blast cult.

    • Welcome to NoTreble Janek, where the Arm Chair Google Experts deem every bass over the $1000 mark as an insult to their very existence! Wow, I didn’t realize so many people had double degrees in instrument manufacture and marketing!

  8. Awesome instrument!! Can’t wait to get my hands one of those!

  9. Now make a fan fretted model så the sound will actually be marginally consistent across the strings ;).

    • From the picture directly over the strings (top right), it doesn’t look like the pickups are set evenly under the strings either. I would think that would be a problem– especially on the low end.

    • True, I hadn’t noticed that until you pointed it out… I guess it must be some sort of design flaw, as they probably didn’t take into account that the closer to the bridge, the more separated the strings will be. The E string would definitely suffer from this.

    • That was what I was referring to (: I believe it would be a great system on a fan fretted bass, but on this instrument I just think it’s gonna f**k it up because all the pickups are sitting in areas that pick up different harmonic contents to any other pickup, really can’t figure out why they did it this way…

  10. not usually the kind of bass I’m into, but for some reason I really want to play this… only if it’s green though.

  11. The pickup configuration is backwards. Treble string pickup should be closer to the bridge than the lower strings.

    • Says who? it’s just a different configuration. Maybe in terms of looks and/or sound it suits you better to have the configuration you mentioned, but pickups can be placed however the builder or client wants. There are many P style basses with the split coul “backwards”, not meaning that it actually is, but rather tayloring the sound a bit differently.

    • Daniel Bass – I’ve played (not owned, but played – many times) “standard” and “backwards” P-Basses and the backward configuration simply isn’t working – at least for me. Especially when playing octaves. So I’m afraid it can get even worse in case of this bass… I’d love to check one out just to see if I’m right or wrong but I’m afraid chances of them being imported to Poland are similar to chances of buying unicorn meat in a supermarket.

  12. Very cool looking bass, very nice colors, but the price is a little crazy.

  13. It looks like it came out of a Lucky Bag and they want 3 large for it. My guess is that such an investment will not appreciate. That money gets you something much nicer.

  14. Nooo! I have to get one can I resist 60’s kitsch AND a whammy bar!

  15. guess these nice basses have also fallen into the unaffordable market geared towards one wanting debt or the rich..regardless, very nice craftsmanship..”But”, if you make them alot more affordable, you’d sell a heck of alot more.

  16. well its something different from the usual borin j and p bass styles.