Jan Urbanec: Acid Jazz Fingerstyle/Slap Bass Groove

I’ve been following Czech bass player Jan Urbanec for many years now. As great as his videos are, they don’t have a lot of views. Maybe we can change that.

Check out this cool acid jazz groove. Or as Jan calls it, “Just two grooves.”

The only thing better would be if it was longer.

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  1. Anyone knows what kind of chord progression he uses? It sounds so amazing I just have to know what lies beneath.

    • Well… I’d be happy to help, but I am kind of “left behind” in musical theory… So as far as I am concerned there are some major and minor 7s :) sorry…

  2. (O.O) WOW. Awesome! I could listen to this if it was 100 hours long. The phrasing used is really interesting. A complex groove like that with such a cool dry tone! Not sure what your gear is, but it AND your technique make this one of the coolest vids I’ve seen in a while. When you consider how many really cool videos this site has, you really should be proud :) Jan Urbanec, You kick BASS!

  3. Thanks everybody! I am truly honored that my video is featured on this great site

  4. yeah. that’s not an easy groove. progressive and smooth. love it!

  5. Amazing tone and flavor.

  6. dude this should have been longer, freaking awesome!

  7. Such a cool groove! Not any overplaying here, just tight and funky! And how is that bass tuned? To me the lowest notes sounds lower than a E.

    • Thanks :) it is tuned BEAD – like fivestring without G. I started playing it when I joined dub/trance band because they wanted fivestring which I really cannot play.

    • Just what I thought! I’m considering to restring my OLP MM2 like this since I don’t find much use for it anymore. Did you change the nut, and how thick strings do you have?

    • Good guess :)) the nut is a bit modified to fit thicker string set. They are .50 bought as a five string set… So that makes highest string like .70…I play with strong strokes and also detune B to A in some songs in that dub project i mentioned earlier so I really need thicker strings. On my archtop I use regular tuning and .50 strings. I find BEAD tuning a great way to either satisfy bands need for lower harmony or just basicaly play in lower register on cheaper instrument since cheap five string basses IMO loose bass frequencies and bottom in general.

  8. Killer Slap technique!

  9. hey, jan. what kind of bass is that? looks cool.

    • It is actually a cheap chinese knockoff… Supposed to be a Washburn copy or what. I got that bass from a guy from music store as a gift when I was in my early years of playing. I put diMarzio Ultrajazz pickups in it and kept the bass. Since I play the majority of gigs with my custom fretless archtop I don’t need fancy electric…not saying I don’t want any :D funny thing: I don’t even have a case for it so when last year one of few electric gigs I had was in Paris I put it on the plane in my acoustic case. Didn’t need any luggage what so ever. all clothes fit in there too and even wine on the way back… That thing is huuuge.. :D

  10. Dude you’re wicked, so relaxed and super modest. More please!

  11. What are you plugged into?

  12. Really Really, Smooth.

  13. Jan, I’ve heard a lotta players but your approach is silky smooth and badass. That groove is hot and I love your use of thumps and ghostnotes to accent. Your switch to slapping was smooth and transitioned effortlessly. Like everyone else has already stated, it shoulda been longer but then now ya got us wanting more which is the real benefit.

  14. very nice indeed, kinda reminds me of stuart zender.

  15. Looks like soft touch, fast neck, butter style… Amazing!

  16. I love the look of this bass and the groove is fantastic!