Phil Jones Bass Announces H-850 Headphones

Phil Jones Bass H-850 HeadphonesPhil Jones Bass has introduced the H-850 headphones, a pair of headphones designed with bassists in mind the company says bridges the gap between “high-quality music and deep clear bass.”

Designed for practice, studio and casual listening, the set utilizes 40mm neodymium magnets and closed back acoustic loading for clear sound reproduction. Other features include acoustic isolation and a light weight frame.

The Phil Jones Bass H-850 Headphones will hit the market in May with an MSRP of $109. For more info, check out the Phil Jones website.

Phil Jones Bass H-850 Headphones Specs:

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Maximum Input Power: 1000mW
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 96dB
  • Cable Connector: 3.5mm stereo (with 6.35mm stereo adapter)
  • Cable Length: 2m

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  1. meh…. buy a beyerdynamic dt770 pro 80 ohm for practice…

    • So there’s only Beyerdynamic in the world ? so “facebook attitude” that only talking about our own little world, as a bass player knowing the serious job of Phil Jones, I’ll give it a try, even if i’m a 20 years experienced bass playerhaving recorded with Sony, Senheiser, Byere or AKG headphones. The price range seems really interesting, and PJB is well known for his “hi-fi” philosophy, so… why not giving a try ! not saying they are the best, I don’t even play their gear, just saying they have a good reputation. Be open-minded ;)

  2. Gotta love it when a press release comes before the website is updated. There is literally zero information regarding the headphones on