Phil Jones Announces Limited Edition Briefcase Ultimate Bass Amp Combo

Phil Jones Limited Edition Briefcase Ultimate Bass Amp Combo (front)It’s been ten years since the Phil Jones Briefcase was introduced, and the company is celebrating the milestone with a limited edition version of the compact bass amplifier. The Phil Jones Briefcase Ultimate will be a modified version of the original, bumping up output from 100 watts to 160 watts.

Other upgraded features include new higher power Pirhana speakers with a larger voice coil and magnet system as well as a Rectangular Auxiliary Low Frequency Radiator, which was introduced last year in the company’s Double Four. As with the original, the Briefcase Ultimate has a 5-band EQ and a limiter. Connectivity includes an active/passive input, headphone output, DI out, and preamp out.

The Briefcase Ultimate can be powered by an AC adaptor or a rechargeable 12V DC battery. It will be available this summer in limited quantities and a to-be-announced price. For more info, check out the Phil Jones Puresound website.

Phil Jones Briefcase Ultimate Bass Amp Combo Specs:

  • Power Output: 160 Watts
  • EQ: 5-band
  • Limiter
  • Active/Passive Input
  • Speakers: 2x Pirhana
  • RALFR (Rectangular Auxiliary Low Frequency Radiator)
  • Power: AC or 12V Battery

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  1. You can bet, this is one is on my to get List!

  2. Sounds like a great little travel amp. I might add this to my wish list.

  3. I use the original briefcase for all my trio/quartet gigs. It puts out great sound, and is perfect for upright bass at combo gigs!

    • I’ve been playing on the street every now and then with a Roland Cube. The model which runs on AA batteries. Usually it’s enough but not always. 3″ (or 3.5″) drivers are just a tad too small for the lows (especially since I have a low B string.) How do the PJB’s go in the street or out door gigs Jeremy? If you don’t mind me asking. :)

  4. nothing on their website yet…*drooling*.

  5. Ultimate street rig! If only I had the dollars! :(

  6. I’ve always thought PJ amps remind me of Darleks…..

  7. They are well made, audiophile quality amplifiers that are pretty transparent. The low end is good but not like that of an Ampeg BA-112, for example. The limiter is not so transparent but does its job. Overall, it’s a nice amp but for $600, well, you can get an Ampeg Micro stack and blow this out of the water. If part of your sound has nothing to do with your amplifier choice, the PJB will please you. As for running for (up to) one hour on the (optional) battery, you could have a unique busking act out there on the sidewalk.

  8. I’ve been using a PJ Briefcase for at least ten years performing wherever I wanted, even in the middle of a field, if a craft show was set up there. However, over the past four or five years, I’ve had nothing but trouble with the amps ability to recharge the numerous new batteries I tried to switch to, thinking it was the battery and not the charger that was at fault. Because I live in Florida, the cost of shipping it back to PJ is too much, and trying to find a person here in Tampa who knows something about them is next to impossible. So, I have only to plug it in when I get a gig which sucks, since the reason I purchased it was to have the portability. So, if you want my advice, be certain to get some sort of guarantee from them in relation to the internal working condition. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck, like me, with a plug in amp only.

    • Hi Dave, you realize that the amp itself is easy to remove from the speaker box and can be thus shipped as just the bare amp with much less cost.
      I have done this with mine. I happen to love my PJ. I’m thinking of upgrading to the new ultimate briefcase.