Warwick Introduces RockBass Vampyre Dark Lord

Warwick has added to their RockBass series with the Vampyre Dark Lord, a 35? scale bass built for extra low tuning. From lowest strings to highest, the Dark Lord is tuned F#, B, E, A, which the company says gives it a “diabolic sound character.”

Warwick RockBass Vampyre Dark Lord

The bass’s body is crafted from alder while neck is maple with ekanga veneer stripes. Its rosewood fingerboard holds 24 extra jumbo frets. The Dark Lord is fitted with active MEC TJ/J pickups and 2-way electronics. Hardware includes Warwick’s 2-piece bridge and machine heads.

The Warwick RockBass Vampyre Dark Lord carries a MSRP of $1,099. For more info, visit the Warwick website.

Warwick RockBass Vampyre Dark Lord Specs:

  • Construction: Bolt-On
  • Available as 4-string
  • Available Left-handed: Yes
  • Body: Alder
  • Neck: Maple with Ekanga veneer stripes
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Scale length: 35?
  • Frets: 24 Extra High Jumbo Nickelsilver
  • Pickups: Active MEC TJ/J
  • Electronics: Active 2-way
  • Controls Volume, Balance, Treble, Bass
  • Bridge: 2-piece Warwick
  • Tuners: Warwick Machine Heads
  • Nut: Just-A-Nut III
  • Warwick security locks
  • Chrome hardware
  • Finish: Black High Polish Finish only
  • Warwick Red Strings: 085? – 175? (40250 DL 4 Tuning F# / B / E / A)
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs
  • Made in China

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  1. Talk about heavy. That’s one badass bass.

  2. Why not take it all the way down to E an octave lower than the normal E? Why mess around with F#. Some knucklehead is already planning on doing drop D with it anyways. :)

  3. 175 gauge strings… insanity.

  4. .175…. really? why not just put a rail road track on it.

  5. makes me wanta sink my fangs into it…………

  6. not for me , I don’t pay more than 400 dollars for a chinese made bass. I have the epipone Thunderbird goth ( made in china , 330 dollars in 2008 ) , and I liked it very much.. but , with 1000 dollars you can buy almost any good bass ( used of course ) like Fenders ( u.s.a. or japan ) , Gibson , music man Sting Ray , etc.

    • Chinese basses, like any other basses, come in a multitude of different qualities… I’ve seen chinese basses so crappy I wouldn’t wipe my ass with thembut… then again.. Squier Classic Vibe generally have the same level of fit and finish as an MIA Fender… If they upgraded the electronics on them, and made the same additions of graphite support rods etc. as they’ve made the MIA’s they’d never sell another one of the MIA’s… Cause except for that, quality is the same. And on Gibsons often a lot worse (I’ve seen a lot more Les Pauls with huge quality issues than I have Squier CV series with the same…).

  7. I do remember construction work for that ultra low baby ;-).

  8. $1K? Seems that the Chinese are not using child slavery anymore.

  9. I wonder if they could make one with 5 strings.

  10. shit! throw some higher strings on it and make it look like a vette and I’m sold.