Federico Malaman: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Solo Bass Performance

During the 2010 EuroBassDay, Federico Malaman – armed with a Laurus bass and a looper – showcased his solo bass skills at the Tecamp and Laurus booth.

Federico took Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and made it his own great all-bass performance.

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  1. This is probably thee single coolest thing I’ve ever seen done on the bass.

  2. wow that was so nice…who knew Nirvana could be so jazzy and funky?

    • I’m always amazed how a really well written song can work in different genres. Killer version and killer playing!

  3. Now this is the way to go “Nirvana”! Love it!

  4. Haha, this made me smile, A LOT! Very cool rendition.

  5. holy sheeitt that was awesome!

  6. Too good. Can’t stop listening to this!

  7. Excellent. great chops, very musical ideas! Dude can seriously play!!!

  8. Way hip and so very cooooool. :D

  9. Gee Dagger

    Wow that officially killed the angst & energy of the song. I can’t believe all the positive comments? Wooo – I can loop a bass and then play my jazz scales over top and make Nirvana sound like elevator music. Perhaps this is why Cobain killed himself – he knew one day jazz would kill his songs.

    • Dirk Anderson

      THANK YOU, Gee.

    • Terence Rabe

      Dear Gee,
      Consider for a moment that angst is not the only emotion in the world and that a piece of music is open to interpretation with a different energy. Since you seem to have appointed yourself as the arbiter of good music why not treat us to your your rendition so we can all see if you’re as good a musician as you are a troll.

  10. Dirk Anderson

    i truly don’t understand why anyone would enjoy this.

  11. A little flashy for flash sake but still extremely cool!