Jeff Schmidt is Back: “And I Crumble” Solo Fretless Bass

Jeff Schmidt made a solid impression with many great videos a couple of years ago.

He has been away from the solo bass scene for quite a while now, but the wait is over. Jeff is back with a brand new solo bass performance of a composition he calls “And Now I Crumble”.

Great to have you back, Jeff!

If you’d like to know more, Jeff has posted a “16 minute video about a 3 minute song”, to answer questions about “Reverb & production, Altered Tunings, Where the hell I’ve been, and What I practice.”

Jeff has a new blog too.

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  1. Just a master of musical expression.. Thanks Jeff for your voice and vision.

  2. And all on an upside down bass…

  3. Wow! (note to self – stick a Pentabuzz on the wishlist!)

  4. If Vangelis played bass? I dunno, it for some reason kinda reminded me of some old Vangelis stuff. Either way I was bad ass. And I’m glad this was posted.

  5. WoW… Thank you for this. This is one of the most impressive compositions I have ever heard. Totally atmospheric, hauntingly beautiful and so expressive… I LOVE this. Congratulations on this. It truly is amazing.

    • Just watched the ‘Extra’ video. Brilliant. Love the comments and almost subliminal shot of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the lambs. :)