Jeff Schmidt Releases “SUBCORTIA”

Jeff Schmidt: SUBCORTIAJeff Schmidt has an unreal solo bass style, but he’s also a master of production and composition. His new album SUBCORTIA uses bass, guitars, and processing to create a 36-minute soundscape that will transport you to another dimension.

“S U B C O R T I A is a continuous mix featuring the kind of music & sounds Jeff has been creating to score the darker moments in narrative documentary and fiction podcast series over the past several years,” the album description explains. “While Subcortia shares a strong connection with that music in method, tone, and texture – this is not a soundtrack album. This is new music created as its own statement and has not appeared in any series.”

Schmidt uses his deep well of textures to create moody soundscapes that draw you into a different world. It’s another example of the bassist’s artistry and innovative approach to music creation.

SUBCORTIA is available now via Bandcamp.

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