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D&A Introduces IceStand Collapsable Bass and Guitar Stand

D&A IceStand Collapsable Bass and Guitar StandD&A has announced the IceStand, a foldable stand for basses and guitars. Available in Acoustic and Electric versions, the IceStand is a take on the company’s flagship GigStand that features a clear material to unveil its structure.
The IceStand opens in two steps to offer a cradle with a three-point base and non-slip polymer materials at all points of contact. It collapses down to a flat format to easily fit into a gig bag.

The D&A GigStand is available for preorder directly from the manufacturer with estimated arrival set for May 15. The prices are $26.99 for the Electric version and $29.99 for the Acoustic version. For more info, visit the D&A website.

D&A IceStand Details:

  • Collapsable
  • 3-point Base
  • Polymer Material at Contact Points
  • Weight: Acoustic – 1.2 lbs; Electric: 0.9 lb
  • Size (Collapsed): Acoustic – 14.8˝ x 7.2˝ x 2.2˝; Electric: 13.4˝x 6.7˝ x 1.7˝

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