Expanding Hands Music Now Offering Funk Fingers

Tony Levin with Funk Fingers

Funk Fingers are available once again thanks to a licensing agreement between Tony Levin and Expanding Hands Music. Levin invented the Funk Fingers after mimicking his intro to Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time,” in which drummer Jerry Marotta played Levin’s bass strings with his drumsticks while the bassist fingered the notes with his left hand. Though he produced them on his own for some time, Levin is endorsing the new run.

“The Funk Fingers have had a long and interesting history,” Levin said. “After having them made here in Woodstock for a year, when the idea was new, I ceased producing them, thinking there were enough out there in the world. But last year, when Kevin introduced his improvements to the design, I was excited about how much better they are now to play bass with, and have given him my blessing to produce them with his design improvements. These are the Funk Fingers I’m using, and I think other players could do some wild things with them, too.”

Funk FingersExpanding Hands Music is offering two types of Funk Fingers: the “Original Type,” which is just like the ones Levin made, and the “Red Type,” which have a little extra weight added to the tip for more control and a little heavier attack. The main difference is that the Funk Fingers logo is burned into the new models instead of printed on.

The Funk Fingers are available now. The “Original Type” retails for $22 and the “Red Type” is $26. For more info, visit the Expanding Hands Music website.

Funk Fingers Details:

  • Licensed by Tony Levin
  • Strap to 1st and 2nd fingertips
  • Red Type Include Weighted Tips

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  1. They should come in sets of three, so I can use three fingers on my right hand.

  2. I own a red pair.

  3. I have a pair of the originals since 1996 ordered through Bass Player ad. Perfect condition. Do they have any collectible value?