Joe Lester: “Australopithecus” Intronaut 5-String Fretless Bass Play-Along

Joe Lester stopped by the EMG studio with his 5-string fretless Zon to record a play-along of his band Intronaut’s song “Australopithecus.” The bassist runs the gamut of tones from a beautiful clean fretless “mwah” to a bone-crushing distortion.

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  1. blech…that was freakin’ awful. I guess I’m old…I can’t imagine why anyone would listen to “music” like that.

    • Ever heard about something called “musical tastes”? I do have to say that some parts were a bit heavy for my taste, but I didn’t hate it, lots of musicality in some parts, IMO.

    • yep I’ve heard of musical tastes…this band has none. I just listened again on bigger speakers and I find nothing to like here. His tone is shite, the music is pointlessly atonal, the bass is practically buried in the mix. If you are going to play fretless (with this genre…why?) INTONATION! If I had to pick one thing to be impressed by it is that anyone could remember the arrangement of seemingly random notes and rhythms well enough for the song to sound like all the members are actually playing together. Still freakin’ awful.

    • yea your just old, why aint your vid on here?

    • You’re either old or close-minded, your choice. There are so many subtleties to be heard in this music that taking it at face value is the worst thing anyone could do, especially someone who claims to be a musician. Trust me, this isn’t my favorite genre of music by a long shot, but to say there’s nothing of value in this composition is absolutely absurd.