Höfner Introduces Gold Label Series Violin Basses

Höfner has added a new and colorful lineup of basses to their Gold Label Series they say are “intended to appeal to a new generation of bass players who appreciate the qualities of the Höfner bass but would like it in anything except sunburst.”

The Gold Label Violin Basses take their classic design and finish it in four new colors: Raven Black, Dawn Purple, Royal Blue, and Party Pink.

Höfner Gold Label Series Violin Basses

Handmade in Germany, the basses feature a spruce top with flame maple sides and backs as well flame maple/beech laminate neck. The Raven Black and Dawn Purple versions feature two “Toaster” style single coil pickups with close spacing as used in 1960. The Party Pink bass sports a pair of Staple pickups with a wide spacing as found in vintage Höfners from 1963 to 1967.

Finally, the Royal Blue bass blends the two styles with a pair of Toaster pickups closely positioned near the neck and a single Staple pickup in the bridge position.

The Höfner Gold Label Series Violin Basses are available for order now with street prices between $2,795 to $3,195 depending on the options. For more info, check out the Höfner website.

Höfner Gold Label Series Violin Basses Specs:

  • Body Top: Spruce
  • Body Back and Sides: Flame Maple
  • Neck: Flame Maple/Beech/Flame Maple
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Scale: 30?/76cm
  • Nut Width: 42mm
  • Number of Frets: 22
  • Pickup Configurations: Two Hofner “Toaster” Nickel (Raven Black & Dawn Purple Finishes); Two Staple Pickups (Party Pink Finish); Two Toaster Pickups and One Staple Pickup (Royal Blue Finish); One Toaster Pickup and One Staple Pickup (Royal Blue Finish)
  • Black finish Hofner Control Console
  • Chrome volume knobs

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  1. Very cool! Would love to have a white one.

  2. 3200 dollars for a lime green hofner….they’re senile. Straight up senile

  3. Great idea Hofner! Now please make a long-scale (34″) bass. Also active E.Q.

  4. These are beautiful. They made too many sunbursts over the years and these bring a fresh new feel to this timeless bass. Keep the colors coming.

  5. If they’d make a not that expensive line like 600-800 I’d buy one but for 3200 I’d rather buy a fender Custom-Shop, or a modulus.

  6. Ok Hofner. Make a budget model that costs less than my car and I’ll consider picking one up.

  7. These look amazing: shame they won’t play or sound anything like a 3000 Dollar bass.

  8. I’m sorry, I know a lot of people love these basses because of their iconic status and that’s great but Macca bought one of these at the time when he was a starving musician because it was cheap. I’ve played them in the store and that’s exactly how they felt to me, cheap. Just my opinion, but 3 grand can get you a way higher quality bass than this one.

  9. These look like prizes at a carnival.

  10. is “Neck wont crack or break at body joint” an option?

  11. People says “Paul McCartney bought this one ’cause he was poor and the bass was ship, and sound like that”. Sorry, but it’s bullshit. McCartney bought this ones because Fender basses have corners for right hand at this time, was so dificult to him. Hofner 500/1 have slopy shoulders and then he bought the first left handed. I have my bass collection at home… Warwick fretless and fretted bubinga bodys, Fender, Ibanez, TRB Yamaha, Kenn Smith Tiger series… and my Hofner Violin Bass 500/1 of course! I´m a bass player on tours as a session musician, producer and teacher.