Lesson: Funky Finger Funk with Pentatonic Fill

Time to get funky.

Here’s another quick bass lick lesson for you, centered around a pentatonic fill.

Follow along with the video and this transcription (PDF download).

If you want some background, there are a few lessons here covering pentatonic scales and patterns:

Gear Stats:

  • 1964 Fender Jazz, favoring the bridge pickup with the tone control rolled back a bit
  • Dunlop nickel strings (gauge: 45-105)
  • Korg Pandora PX5 with drum pattern (tempo 95 bpm)
  • Recorded into a Zoom Q3 HD via line in

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  1. Thanks for the lesson, for slowing it down and for the gear stats.

  2. that tone is lovely wish my MIM jazz deluxe could sound like that.

  3. and thanks for adding the gauge and type of strings as well as the brand