Bass of the Week: Utrera Ellegance Single Cut Bass

Freddy Utrera is a Venezuelan luthier who has been producing some gorgeous basses, including his Ellegance singlecut.

Utrera Ellegance Single Cut 6-string Bass

Available in 4-, 5- and 6-string versions, the bass is evidence of the luthier’s love of natural finishes and often ships that way, just to display the gorgeous cuts of wood he utilizes.

The Ellegance comes in two flavors: standard and custom. The custom option offers upgraded materials while the standard is built with an alder or swamp ash body, a maple neck, and a maple or Pau Ferro fingerboard. The basses are fitted with Nordstrand or Reed James Custom pickups, which are matched with an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp for tonal flexibility.

The controls are dual volumes, a 3-band EQ, a mini toggle to switch between active and passive mode, a toggle to select the midrange frequency control, and a switch to switch the pickups between parallel, single, and series modes.

The Custom offers a mahogany, walnut, or bubinga body and a wenge or ash neck. Fingerboard options include curly maple, Macassar Ebony, cocobolo, or Macassar Rosewood. The pickups options are the same with an upgrade of wood covers.

Both the Standard and Custom Ellegance can be made as bolt-on or neck-through with a variety of scale lengths. For more info, check out the Utrera Custom Basses website.

Utrera Ellegance Single-Cut Bass Photo Gallery:

Utrera Ellegance Single-Cut Bass Specs:

  • Neck: Maple (Wenge or Ash for Custom)
  • Body: Alder or Swamp Ash (Mahogany, Walnut or Bubinga for Custom)
  • Fingerboard: Maple or Pau Ferro (Curly maple, Macassar Ebony, cocobolo or Macassar Rosewood for Custom)
  • Hardware: Hipshot custom Bridge: B style (Hipshot A style for Custom)
  • Electronics: Aguilar Obp-3. (Aguilar Obp-3 or Nordstrand for Custom)
  • Pick-ups: Nordstrand custom or Reed James Custom (Wood Cover for Custom)
  • Standard Controls: Vol/Vol, 3-band EQ, Mini-Toggle Active 18Volt/Passive, Mini-Toggle Switch for Midrange Frequency Selection, Mini-Toggle Switch Parallel/Single/Series
  • Custom Controls: Vol/Bal (Blend), 3-Band EQ, Mini-Toggle Active 18Volt/Passive, Mini-Toggle Switch for Midrange Frequency Selection, Mini-Toggle Switch Parallel/Single/Series

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  1. Nice franken design: bottom of a jazz bass, single cut style “a la Fodera” and headstock “a la Ken Smith “, those designing softwares do incredible things… *

    • What would you have prefered? another Fender p-bass or jazz bass copy, just with a different headstock and controls configuration? At least this is not a direct “copy”, if it was ever designed from parts borrowed from other designs, and in the end what matters is having a comfortable, great sounding musical instrument, which Utrera basses certainly are. I bet you’ll have a hard tome finding designs that are a hunderd percent original.

    • Unoriginal, said the guy playing the most generic bass in the world.

  2. I guess Freddy decide not to reinvent wheel… Still his craftsmanship is superb and his basses sound incredible :-)

  3. It’s not the same buying one at a store than getting one custom to order. Freedy makes great basses for what you pay for with best parts.