Fender Now Offering Precision and Jazz Bass Replacement Bodies and Necks

Fender Replacement Bass Bodies and NecksFender has announced a new line of replacement bodies and necks, produced at their manufacturing facilities in both Corona, California and Mexico. The parts come with the exact specifications as those used in their full American and Standard series instruments.

So far, Fender is offering Precision and Jazz bodies and necks. Each of the bodies are offered in alder or ash with a urethane finish and an assortment of color options.

The U.S. made necks have detailed frets, satin finishes on the back, and hand-rolled fingerboard edges for comfort.

All of the bass parts are sanded and hand-finished by Fender’s craftsmen.

Fender’s bass bodies and necks are available now with prices ranging from $199 to $499 for the necks and $169 to $399 for the bodies. For more info, check out the Fender website.

Fender Bass Necks and Bodies Details:

  • Fender Made
  • USA or Mexico Series Parts
  • Exact Specifications as Parts from Instruments
  • Bodies: Alder or Ash
  • Body Finishes: Black, 3-Color Sunburst, Olympic White, Arctic White, Brown Sunburst
  • Necks: Maple
  • Fingerboards: Maple, Rosewood

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  1. So if I bought the American made parts and buy pickups, I’ll have an American fender for half the price.

    • At $399 for the body and $499 for the neck, plus the outrageous price tags on their bridges, tuners, pick guards and other assorted hardware, I think you’d be better off buying the whole bass. If you really want to spend 5bills on an American made neck, you can get a better one from Warmoth.

    • you’d still have to pay someone to put it all together

      so really you don’t save very much money overall

      • So why pay anyone to put your guitar or bass together? My friends and I got those skills building and repaining bycycles and making wooden street carts in London when we were 11 years old. Making our own home grown drums and bass! You can always watch a couple of YouTube videos, Setting up a bridge to match the neck is logical. I dont see why anyone would doubt their own ability to do these jobs! Have young men deteriorated that much DIY now means Dumb Intelect Yob ?

  2. Mighty Mite offers the same thing at half the price. Tried it, bought it, super happy. Fender, you have a lot of work to do… Your products don’t have any consistency throughout the product line. Rebel Relic Guitars builds instruments way above anything you ve ever done in the past 30 years for half the price.

  3. hey, i’m going to the fender web site…but I don’t find…please send me a link…thanx!

  4. 199 for a jazz bass neck. a must have upgrade for people who love P basses but don’t have huge hands. only 2 or 3 P basses have the J neck across the model line. used to be many more available in the past.

  5. no ash bodies listed on Fender site :(

  6. Five string stuff pretty please, Fender.

  7. if only they offered interesting woods.

  8. Os thèse parts,(neck & body) are available for lefty

  9. This must be Fender’s answer to narrow competition from Warmoth and thestratosphere ebay store.