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Aluminati Guitar Co. Introduces Andromeda Aluminum Bass Necks

Aluminati Guitar Co. has expanded its line of aluminum instrument parts with a new set of bass necks. The Andromeda Aluminum Bass Necks are built with a combination of aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon fiber with a “familiar weight and feel.”

Accessories & Strings

Fender Announces Roasted Maple Vintera ’50s Precision Bass Neck

Fender introduced the vintage-styled Vintera series last year to pay homage to the instruments from their first three decades as a company. Now they’re offering roasted necks from the series as a separate component.

Ask Damian Erskine

Curved vs. Flat Fingerboards on Bass

Q: Why are some fingerboards curved and some flat? Is there any benefit to one over the other? A: The curve in the fretboard is called a radius, and there are varying arguments I’ve found for the reason. Many people agree that a radiused fretboard works best with the natural curvature of the hand. This is especially geared towards guitarists...

Accessories & Strings

Fender Now Offering Precision and Jazz Bass Replacement Bodies and Necks

Fender has announced a new line of replacement bodies and necks, produced at their manufacturing facilities in both Corona, California and Mexico. The parts come with the exact specifications as those used in their full American and Standard series instruments. So far, Fender is offering Precision and Jazz bodies and necks. Each of the bodies are offered in alder or...