Pigtronix Introduces Gatekeeper Noise Gate Pedal

Pigtronix Gatekeeper Noise Gate PedalPigtronix has introduced the Gatekeeper, a new noise gate pedal that utilizes J-FET circuitry to eliminate unwanted sounds from your signal path.

The pedal is built for simplicity with a Threshold knob and a Release knob to dial in the gate’s settings. Pigtronix states the threshold control offers a wide range combined with superior headroom to offer smooth transient response, while the release lets you adjust how long it takes for the gate to close.

The Pigtronix Gatekeeper features true bypass switching and includes an 18VDC 300mA power supply. It will be available soon with a MAP price of $149.

For more info, check out the Pigtronix website.

Pigtronix Gatekeeper Pedal Features:

  • 100% attenuation when gated
  • Wide range threshold control
  • Variable release time
  • 18VDC 300mA supply included
  • Chassis Size – 2.4″ x 4.4″ x 1″
  • Circuit Design by Howard Davis
  • Sound Design by David Koltai
  • True Bypass

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