Höfner Introduces H64/VB-R Tweed-Style Violin Bass Case

Höfner H64/VB-R Bass Hardshell Case

Höfner has debuted the H64/VB-R hardshell case for their Violin Basses. The new tweed-style case takes the place of the previous black vintage case and will be included with each German built violin bass. It will also be available separately.

The H64/VB-R is inspired by the Selmer Tweed Style cases that were supplied in the ’60s. Features include classic case latches, a deep plush black lining, improved neck support, and a built-in hydrometer.

The Höfner H64/VB-R will be available in the U.S. in approximately 60 days with a projected street price of $169. For more info, check out the Höfner website.

Höfner H64/VB-R Bass Hardshell Case Photos:

Höfner H64/VB-R Bass Hardshell Case Details:

  • Vintage Tweed Style
  • Classic Case Latches
  • Plush Black Lining
  • Built-in Hydrometer

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  1. That tweed case is really nice… I may have to put that on my gift list!

  2. I think it’s $149.

  3. I bought one of these cases, and although its better than the flimsy case that my ’62 German re-issue arrived in, it’s far from “good”. Let me count the ways: cheap latches that don’t align well, glue smeared on the edges of the plush interior lining, no protection between the top of the case and the face of the bass (basically, it’s a flattop with some lining), no support where the heel of the neck rests. And these are just my first impressions.

    The Hofner German re-issues are really nice, beautifully constructed and great sounding. But the company should be absolutely ashamed to be shipping these lovely instruments in crap cases. And in my case (pun intended), I now have TWO crap cases – they are not road-worthy in any way.