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Earth, Wind, and Fire: “My Promise” Rehearsal Performance

Today is Verdine White’s birthday, and we’re celebrating with the band’s sneak preview of their album, Now, Then, and Forever.

This clip is a rehearsal performance for its first single, “My Promise,” and Verdine is in his usual energetic form, grooving like only he can.

Happy birthday, Verdine!

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Al Woods

He was the reason i wanted to play the Bass, he’s Funky Classify and you know the old saying Bass Players are Sexy


I’m sorry, but Verdine is a terrible bass player … Poor knowledge of musicianship, he only knows the pentatonic scale, he doesn’t have a good technique and fingering, and also his timing is terrible … Of course that’s my point, but if you pay attention to his playing and look at his solos on youtube you’ll see what I’m talking about, MOREOVER he’s not even playing on stage anymore, Nathan East or some other guys are playing in the back of the stage next to the drummer. The only explanation I found is that the band realized that he’s definitely not good enough to keep playing bas in EWF so they chose to keep him on stage but unplugged with an other bass player in the back. Once again that’s just my opinion and I would be happy to debate and to know what you guys think about it.


    yeah yeah..he’s getting older, but EWF have a pretty good selection of hits and Verdine’s bass grooves have inspired thousands of bass players all over the world. To accomplish that, it seems that you don’t need to know more than the pentatonic scale;)

    Mike Matthews

    I don’t know man. Some of his old school bass lines are just fantastic !!!. Maybe he’s got some carpal or tendinitis going on… ? All I know is he has created some great grooves through the years and I still respect him and EWF.

Ruben DLR (@rubendlr)

Yeah, I don’t know what he’s playing, but it’s not the bassline I’m hearing There’s some fast runs, a few high register notes, and some slap and pop. Yet he never leaves first position in the video, nor does he change from fingerstyle playing. He doesn’t even appear to be playing in time with what’s going on. This is very upsetting. This is not like it’s Gene Simmons, for whom it is well know that his best playing was actually done by Will Lee and other session guys. This is Verdine White. If he couldn’t play anymore, he should have retired like his brother did. This charade does nothing but discredit him and EW&F. Very sad.