FM Cables Introduces Speakon Series Speaker Cables

FM Cables FM-SPK-T CablesFM Cables has introduced the Speakon Series of cables for connecting between amps and speaker cabinets. Featuring heavy duty Neutrik connectors, the cables are built with transparent loudspeaker cable with flexible twin wire made in Germany and protected by a fire retardant sheath.

The cables come in three types. The ‘Tour’ Standard has 6mm Squared cable, while the Standard series has 4mm squared cable. The Speakon to Jack configurations offer 1.5 mm squared cable that terminate to a 1/4? straight jack. Each has a standard length of nearly 5? (1.5 meters), though they’re also available at 6.5? (2 meters), 8.2? (2.5 meters), and nearly 10? (3 meters). FM Cables has also just introduced custom lengths.

The FM Cables Speakon Cables are available now with prices ranging from around $73.00 (£47.99) to around $100.00 (£65.99). For more info, check out the FM Cables website.

FM Cables Speakon Series Specs:

  • For connections between PA / Amplifiers and Speaker Cabinets
  • Fire retardant sheath Protection
  • Heavy duty touring standard Neutrik Connectors
  • Transparent loudspeaker cable with flexible twin wire made in Germany
  • Standard Length: approximately 5? (1.5 meters)

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