Fernando Molinari: “Taffontry 20mg” Country/Fusion Slap Bass

Yes, you read that right: Country/Fusion slap bass.

Brazilian bassist Fernando Molinari posted this play-along of the song “Taffontry 20mg” from his album Identidade, which is kind of like a honky tonk song on speed.

More of the fusion part of the equation comes out at 1:55 when Molinari plays some blazing tapping lines in unison with the guitar. I’m surprised his fingers didn’t start smoking by the end!

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  1. Excuse my ignorance but is that technique called double thumbing or is it something else ( I need to learn). I mean the beginning part not the insane tapping part… Thanks :-)

  2. That was MIGHTY impressive, Fernando.

  3. Thank you for sharing my video! =D

  4. man, that’s crazy! soak you fingers in some epson salt when you’re done. whew!

  5. bvdon

    fun music!

  6. William

    This was inevitable! Good job.