Roger Waters: The Man Behind The Wall Biography Released

Roger Waters: The Man Behind The WallAs bassist and songwriting force behind the seminal rock band Pink Floyd, Roger Waters has been an icon in the music industry for over four decades. His story is now being told by biographer Dave Thompson, in Roger Waters: The Man Behind the Wall.

The 288-page book, which is the first full biography on Waters, follows the musician’s life from “war-torn suburbia” to his time with Pink Floyd, his solo career, and up to the present day. His story is told with exclusive insight and interviews from friends and associates. Anyone familiar with the bassist knows he’s not afraid of controversy, and the book follows suit with the first sentence stating, “The Wall was Roger Waters’s first solo album.”

The book also has a full discography and tons of pictures from his career. It’s available now in hardcover.

Roger Waters: The Man Behind The Wall Table of Contents:

Part 1

  1. Learning to Fly
  2. Raving and Drooling
  3. Let There Be More Light
  4. Another Hit in the Hall
  5. The Great Gig in the Sky
  6. Charade You Are
  7. Reset the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
  8. Wot’s… uh the Deal?

Part 2

  1. Emily, Playing
  2. The Death of Amusement
  3. The Near Side of the Moon
  4. A Slice of My Pie
  5. More of Those Days
  6. Forward, He Cried
  7. Shining On Crazily
  8. Bleating and Babbling

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  1. catrine power

    It is a pleasure to know that such a great human being is not afraid to speak the truth and know what he is talking about. Well done Mr Roger Waters.